Observation on Cobbler

by Sara Mead

I largely agree with Ezra’s analysis of the cherry tomato cobbler (which he was kind enough to share some leftovers with me).  But the experiences of both eating the cobbler and reading the recipe confirmed a general observation of mine about cobbler: The vast majority of cobbler recipes could be vastly improved by halving the biscuit topping.

Cobbler is my favorite dessert, but cobbler recipes typically produce a sub-optimal fruit-to-biscuit ratio. On too many occasions I’ve thrown out biscuit left over after all the fruit had been consumed with previous cobbler servings, or battled fellow diners trying to get sufficient fruit. Now, I automatically cut the biscuit topping part of the recipe in half when making cobbler, unless I’m baking for a large group and double the fruit.  Not only does this produce tastier results (and fewer battles over the last spoonful of blueberry goop), it’s also healthier, since folks are generally eating less biscuit than they otherwise would.

Caveat: While I’m pretty confident about this observation for biscuit-based cobblers, I have less experienced with the batter-based variety and therefore make no claims as to whether it applies to them.


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