Crisp and Juicy is Coming to DC!

by Tom Lee

Amanda was kind enough to let me know that my favorite rotisserie chicken joint is coming to the district — and better, is going to be moving into a Metro-accessible location within walking distance of Ft. Reno, the venerable summer concert series.

Many will react to this news by bitching and moaning that Pollo Rico (or whatever) is better.  That’s fine.  I will happily admit that C&J’s chicken isn’t the best in town; that their non-yucca sides can be underwhelming (though the camote is worth a try); that the tomatoes they use for their sandwiches are less than impressive.

But oh good lord, the sauce.  If you haven’t had the sauce, you don’t understand.  If you haven’t had the hot sauce, you don’t understand (their sickly yellow mild sauce is every bit as gross as every other chicken joint’s mayo-based concoction).  No, the hot sauce is the thing, even though it’s not particularly hot.  It’s intensely buttery, suffused with raw garlic and pleasantly pink thanks to some probably-incidental chili.  I’m sure it’s awful for me.  But it pushes C&J’s offerings beyond the reach of those chains that are content to merely make excellent rotisserie chicken (and has pushed me to transport chilled styrofoam tubs of the stuff hundreds of miles by car on more than one occasion).


2 responses to “Crisp and Juicy is Coming to DC!

  1. Okay, Why are there a smiley in upper right corner, kind of wierded me out…

  2. The chicken at Pollo Rico is indeed better, but I think this is almost entirely a matter of the economies of scale involved in cooking Peruvian chicken. In Arlington Pollo Rico has become the best because it is the busiest.

    A metro acceptable C&J in the District is likely to be much busier and therefore much better than their other, less busy suburban branches.

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