Eat Like a Giant

By Matthew Yglesias

Have you ever wondered what the New York Giants eat during their training camp sessions? Well, in truth I never wondered this. But I did watch a video about it over at the since there are no interesting sporting events happening this summer. The answer turns out to be that the Giants eat . . . a lot! These are very large men engaging in a huge amount of physical activity.

I think it’s interesting that though the team is clearly concerned to make sure that the players consumer roughly the correct number of calories to neither gain nor lose weight during the rigors of training camp, there doesn’t appear to be a great deal of interest in the details of nutrition. Given how much money is at stake with each win or loss, you might think an NFL team would be interesting in carefully weighing the issue of whether pastrami consumption leads to sub-optimal football performance. Alternatively, the feeling may be that for morale purposes it’s best not to challenge anyone too much and just let them eat what they like.


2 responses to “Eat Like a Giant

  1. Interesting post, sure, but slow down! Would have rather had this an hour later with 5 more minutes of proof reading.

  2. What, Harvard didn’t have a training table? (The offensive linemen next door took friends to the athletes’ dining hall and we didn’t have to eat like college students! hooray!) Hm. Now I want a turkey sub and it’s not even 10 in the morning!

    @F, the lack of proofing is part of MY’s charm! I continue to believe he uses speech-t0-text software and just never checks its output.

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