of course in Canada the whole thing’s flip-flopped

zeiglers_is_awfulby Tom Lee

Every year the Zeigler’s apple cider being sold at the supermarket somehow gets worse. At this point I’m unsure how or why they’re doing it — we’re far beyond the “this is just apple juice” point and well into the heretofore-uncharted “chalky industrial effluent?” portion of the apple cider taste continuum.

Meanwhile, the selection of alternate ciders has been slowly contracting. The only other option I could find at the grocery store this weekend was “pomegranate cider”. Admittedly, I seem to be the only person who doesn’t like the distinct cran-tomato taste of pomegranate juice (I think pomegranate sauces are fine, and the vinegar can be pretty nice). But to me this alleged cider held no appeal.

I remain hopeful: it’s just the beginning of apple season. Maybe more options will arrive.  But really, the indignities are piling up year after year. First it had to be pasteurized, then it had to be bad, now it has to be downright vile and there can be no alternatives. It’s terrible! I shouldn’t have to drive 45 minutes to satisfy this seasonal craving.

Anyway, more quality cider information is available here.


6 responses to “of course in Canada the whole thing’s flip-flopped

  1. You’re not alone! Pomegranate juice is, in fact, gross.

    I always warm up my cider and throw some booze in there, then you don’t notice the chalkiness.

  2. Caitlin has been selling Reid Orchard cider at the b’dale market the past couple weeks (and probably Mt. P too). It is quite tasty.

  3. I so miss unpasteurized apple cider. As a child, we lived near an orchard where they pressed it on the spot and there really just isn’t a comparable flavor.

  4. for those of you in DC, I scored some unpasteurized cider at the USDA farmer’s market (USDA Parking lot 10-2 Fridays)

  5. Eastern Market, any farmer’s market, the Yes Organic. Is everywhere, quit looking at Safeway already.

  6. Your problem is that you are seeking good cider at a supermarket. I can think of at least 4 vendors at the DuPont farmers market who sell great cider, some of them as cheap as $3 a quart. Some also sell pear cider, which to my taste buds was a revelation.

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