Renowned Foodie May Join State Department’s Most Whirlwind-y Bureau

Oppie_smilingBy Spencer Ackerman

Laura Rozen picks up on a Times of India report that South Asia wonk C. Christine Fair (pictured, with heartmeltingly adorable hound MS. OPPENHEIMER) is going to become the next deputy assistant secretary of state for South Asia. Congratulations, Christine Fair! If the report is correct, you get to be the person who works with Richard Holbrooke on India & Pakistan who doesn’t work for Holbrooke, and your life is going to be a placid wonderland of contentment, because that’s a bureaucratic arrangement that would never trouble Holbrooke, and even if it did, Holbrooke is legendarily easygoing!

Fair, who impressed the hell out of me when she discussed al-Qaeda within an Afghanistan/Pakistan framework at a New America conference last year, is one of the foreign-policy community’s two most distinguished gourmands, and the one who isn’t a warmonger with a taste for all things Provencal. She wrote the supposed-to-be-wonderful book that I haven’t read Cuisines of the Axis of Evil, and so I wish her the very best of luck in this endeavor.


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