Inconvenient But Delicious Sandwiches Now Much More Convenient for Me

By Matthew Yglesias

If you want (by far) the best sandwiches in Washington, DC your destination is Taylor’s Gourmet Deli at 11th and H Northeast. The problem is that the location is not at all a convenient one for most of us. The good news, especially if you’re me, is that tomorrow Taylor’s second location is opening up at 5th and K Northwest in the vacant lot district Mount Vernon Triangle. That’s still not really right in the thick of things, but it’s actually in the building where I live. Indeed, it’s literally next door to the entrance of my apartment, making the new Taylor’s the most convenient place in the whole city. And also the best sandwiches.

Tuesday evening I had a chance to go to a sneak preview of the new location and can report that the 9th Street Italian, at a minimum, is exactly the same (which is to say: good) as it is at the old location. I also tried some fried risotto balls which were great. I won’t lie, though, I have substantial concern that living next door to fried risotto balls and Italian hoagies is not going to do wonders for my health. Fortunately there’s also a Results Gym at the other side of the block.


9 responses to “Inconvenient But Delicious Sandwiches Now Much More Convenient for Me

  1. hmm, now I can swing by safeway on my way home from work, and grab a sandwich too?
    hoo-boy; good thing there’s a gym in MY apartment building too (and by MY, I don’t mean Matt Yglesias)!!

  2. This is indeed great news. And on the same day, my iphone will start working in 20 metro stations! Things are finally starting to turn in favor of young white men like myself.

  3. People should really go to the H Street Taylor’s. H is starting to pick up, but it’s still not a great neighborhood (okay, it’s bad), and it needs more young educated readers of foodie blogs to help turn it into the next U Street.

  4. Boy, walkable urbanism at its finest! Heck, moseyable! Not the 2km is walkable if you are like me kind of walkable!

  5. I am SO going there on my day off tomorrow.

  6. I live waaay too close for this to end well.

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  8. So the vegetarian sandwiches are mostly lettuce, barely any of the roasted peppers or cheese or whatever. Please Taylor’s, please don’t charge me so much and give me a lettuce sandwich. Ain’t right.

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