Sarah Palin is History’s Greatest Monster

By Matthew Yglesias

The Daily Beast has the hot excerpts from Sarah Palin’s new book:

If any vegans came over for dinner, I could whip them up a salad, then explain my philosophy on being a carnivore: If God had not intended for us to eat animals, how come He made them out of meat? I love meat. I eat pork chops, thick bacon burgers, and the seared fatty edges of a medium-well-done steak. But I especially love moose and caribou. I always remind people from outside our state that there’s plenty of room for all Alaska’s animals—right next to the mashed potatoes.

I’ll let Ezra and other food moralists mull the merits of this sophomoric vegetarian-mocking. But nobody who purports to love meat should be eating a medium-well steak. And that’s doubly true if you’re talking about a super-lean meat like moose or caribou.


12 responses to “Sarah Palin is History’s Greatest Monster

  1. Hmmm… too be fair, she’s only eating “the seared fatty edges.”

    Not that I want to be fair to Palin.

  2. 70% of the population below the Mason-Dixon line will only eat their meat once it has been reduced to near ashes. Wasilla has to be at least honorarily below the Mason-Dixon line.

  3. Thanks, MY, I needed a good laugh to start the day. “How come He made them out of meat?” I think my sister might have said that …. when she was 8!

  4. verplanck colvin

    If she’s a carnivore, what’s she doing eating mashed potatoes?

  5. From that logic, we could all be cannibals. People are made of meat too.

  6. Please Sarah, if God truly wanted us to enjoy meat, He would not serve it medium well.

  7. But nobody who purports to love meat should be eating a medium-well steak.

    Exactly! You read my mind.

    Had a waiter several years ago refuse to serve a dinner companion a medium-well steak telling him he should go to Ponderosa if that is how he likes his steak. I busted out laughing which didn’t help the situation but I had long told my friend it was time he started eating like an adult. My friend got chicken and refused to tip the server. I tipped him double.

  8. I said the night McCain introduced her and she has done nothing to change the opinion. “What a dingbat”!

  9. Hmmm… too be fair, she’s only eating “the seared fatty edges.”

    All the more reason not to cook the interior so damn long.

  10. IMHO the predilection for mostly raw steak comes from the need of restaurants to cook meat quickly instead of properly. The best meat is seared at high heat to get the lovely brown bits and then cooked low and slow and rested properly. But in the restaurant biz they have to skip the cooking part of the process because it takes too much time in a business where margin depends on turning over tables for the next crowd. It’s easier to convince people that seared raw meat is the “way” since it saves an additional 20 minutes of cooking time. I grew up in a family that ate as much game as beef until I left to go to college. There’s nothing wrong with a medium well steak unless it is one served in a restaurant. (or anywhere within 30 miles of Sarah Palin. God, she could turn a trenchman’s stomach.)

  11. If you let a steak come up to room temperature, and then sear it on both sides, and then rest it properly, it will be rare in the center but not by any means “raw.”

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