Food Blogger Happy Hour! And Some Quibbles With ChurchKey

by Kriston Capps

All these nice Districtarea food bloggers have called for an assembly, a gathering of Internet food associates, if you will, a happy hour, at ChurchKey, which basically everyone agrees is the cat’s pajamas.

Two things about ChurchKey. Well, three: Go to this happy hour. But two other things. Despite the fact that Beer Organ (that’s what I’ve taken to calling ChurchKey, because, c’mon, they have a beer organ) features beers on draft and on cask and about 4 gazillion other beers in bottles, the best pull in the city can still be found at The Saloon, about a stop away on the Circulator. Over a couple of visits to Beer Organ, I didn’t find anything to compete with the Schloss Eggenberg Spezial Dunkel, which is to my mind the best beer to be found in the District.

Second thing: I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do at Beer Organ. It’s too cavernous for a date, too crowded for a party, too much of a tavern for dinner. I don’t recall televisions, but in any event, it’d be no good for watching a game: it’s too fine. It’s a grand place and I have enjoyed drinking there, but every time I have gone it has been for the specific purpose of going there—either for my first visit or for someone else’s. (For those of you joining us from outside the District, there was a lot of hype surrounding the opening of this bar and its adjoining restaurant, Birch & Barley.) Now, there is no doubt in my mind that this spot is exactly right for a foodie happy hour, but there are lamentably too few of these to fill up my evenings. I get the idea that ChurchKey is something of an important bar that doesn’t serve any obvious purpose in my life the way other important bars do.


3 responses to “Food Blogger Happy Hour! And Some Quibbles With ChurchKey

  1. Rock. I should be able to make this one.

  2. Best pour in town is at Saloon? Good sir, if you have a soft spot for dunkel beer I sympathize, but even within this narrow genre there is stiff competition afoot. Let’s explore the options at happy hour. Cheers!

  3. To your later comment–Isn’t the real problem here simply that anything good that ever opens in D.C. becomes insanely crowed immediately (unless it’s totally metro-inaccessible) and we just need more good stuff?

    If Churchkey were somewhat less crowded, it would be exactly where I’d want to go with friends for drinks, chatting, and snacks that’s more civilized that a dive bar but not full on restaurant/dinner. (Maybe this is something women do more than men?) It’d also be a nice place for a casual date, IMHO. But if you know you can’t sit down or hear your friends talk, then it loses its appeal for those purposes.

    It’s just a good illustration that we need more stuff in D.C.

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