How to Eat a Chicken Wing

By Matthew Yglesias

I’d never really considered the question of how to eat a chicken wing to be a problematic one; it’s not like a lobster or a crab or something. But this video opened my eyes to the existing of elegant wing-consuming possibilities that I’d never really considered:

I’ve never tried to make buffalo wings but it sounds pretty easy.


2 responses to “How to Eat a Chicken Wing

  1. I grew up in Buffalo. I ate a LOT of chicken wings back in the day. I never learned that trick with the bones. If it’s your own invention you should take credit for it. It advances chicken wingery a solid notch. Thanks!

  2. Matt,

    OK, no more blogging while (a little) drunk. Now I see the wing video wasn’t yours. Sorry.

    I need to mention, the ONLY hot sauce that works properly for Buffalo wings is (the easily obtainable in most supermarkets) “Frank’s Original Hot Sauce.” Nothing else comes close.

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