More Adventurous

By Matthew Yglesias

I found almost everything about this CNN article on DC power lunches slightly bizarre, but especially this last bit that’s not about power lunches at all:

The newest member of the Supreme Court, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, is known by friends as a “very adventurous diner.” She is a fan of Lebanese Taverna, in Woodley Park, which serves up Middle Eastern fare.

I like Lebanese Taverna, too, but hummus and grilled meat surely doesn’t count as “very adventurous.” Which is especially strange since the evidence of Sotomayor’s adventurous dining is fairly clear:

Food played a big part of Sotomayor’s family life. “Because of my very Puerto Rican taste buds,” Sotomayor loves what might sound like exotic fare to some: pig intestines on warm bread, pig feet and beans and pig tongue and ears.

A couple of months ago I had the brains of a whole-roasted piglet served on brioche as a spread (more or less how you would serve a pate) and it was excellent.


2 responses to “More Adventurous

  1. Not to mention that even among the not very exotic genre of grilled meat and hummus restaurants, Lebanese Taverna stands out as probably the least exotic in the DC area. You might as well call the Olive Garden an adventurous ethnic restaurant.

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