Voltaggios Win, Lose, Start Food Blog


by Matt Ficke

In last night’s oddly anticlimactic finale, Michael Voltaggio won this season of Top Chef, edging out his older brother Bryan. IFA consensus is that the outcome probably best served the cause of family harmony, though it’s too bad the DC-area brother didn’t win this year. Although considering that Bryan’s restaurant Volt is already booked solid every night now, if I ever want to snag a table there maybe it’s for the best.

The other news is that, as BryVo (can I call him that? No? Ok) hinted in an interview with DCist yesterday, the brothers have launched a new website, “Voltaggio Brothers“, on which they will be “posting about ingredients, recipes, technique, [and] cooking gadgets”. Sounds like a food blog! Welcome to the ‘sphere, you two.


9 responses to “Voltaggios Win, Lose, Start Food Blog

  1. Kevin wuz robbed.

  2. C.S. — No doubt. That mushroom wasn’t in the box, and he wins. Better sous chef, and he wins. Especially sucked the way they sent him packing so they could play up Michael/Bryan tension.

  3. SoDisappointed

    Why is ifa NOT following etiquette like all the other food blogs and putting the spoiler AFTER the jump? In this digital age with Tivos and Torrent, its not fair to assume that everyone watches their TV shows at the same time. Now the “anti-climatic” finale will be even more so for me. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for ruining the show for me.

    I read too many food blogs, and yet managed to avoid the news. Then comes IFA, putting the spoiler as the FIRST TWO WORDS IN THE TITLE. You do n’t do that anywhere, let alone with RSS.

    Ah, IFA. Blog as bad as you cook. Go home.

  5. Dude, who cares?

    Wouldn’t family harmony have been better served if they both lost?

  6. Yup, thanks for spoiling the finale for me too. Not cool.

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  8. * was rooting for Kevin too… his final meal wasn’t all that spectacular. He has seized plenty of opportunities throughout the season. he’d do well w/ or w/o the title.
    BV is very likable…
    MV is more of the artist working on masterpiece w/ his inspiration. imho, there is something special there … enjoyed the season a great deal.

  9. rather than cooking mama, they could work on culinary challenge game(s) w/ the title “Voltaggio Bros”.

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