All I Want for Christmas is Cookies: Rugelach Pinwheels

Hannukah starts today, so in honor of that, I thought I’d make these Rugelach Pinwheels, recipe from Smitten Kitchen, via Becks. Mine don’t look anywhere near as good as hers–I was way less precise in rolling out the dough and cutting the cookies*–but the cookies still tasted delicious, and they made my house smell lovely when I baked them.

This was the first time I’ve ever used my food processor to make dough. In the past when I’ve read recipes calling for a food processor to make dough, I’ve scoffed–If generations of women developed and refined cookies, pies, and other tasty baked goods without food processors, I shouldn’t need one either. But man, after this I’m a convert. It was so easy, and FUN to watch the ingredients I dumped in there transform, as if by magic, into a big old ball of rich, cream cheesy dough. I’ve only had the food processor for a year–it was a gift from my parents last Christmas–and in the past week or so I’ve been on my Christmas cookie project, it’s gotten more of a workout than in the entire year I’ve owned it to date–making dough, chopping nuts for multiple recipes, chopping ‘nilla wafers for rum balls–and it’s gonna get even more use going forward.

*Couple thoughts on this: First: is there some kind of kitchen ruler one can acquire? I have no capacity to judge the difference between “an 1/8 of an inch” and “1/4 of an inch” simply by eyeballing. Second, I followed the recipe directions to make the filling, which said to mix all the filling ingredients together–I think I would have gotten more attractive results if I’d spread the preserves on the dough first, and then sprinkled the raisins, walnuts, sugar/cinnamon over top of that, as the Smitten Kitchen blogger appears to have done. Third, if you make these, I’d recommend using a really sharp knife to cut the dough.


One response to “All I Want for Christmas is Cookies: Rugelach Pinwheels

  1. moderndomestic

    Actually, my bench scraper has a ruler on the side, and I use it all the time! I, too, am horrible at judging distances, and I need a cheat sheet to help.

    This one is only $4 (without shipping):

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