Useless Kitchen Products: Bacon Storage Editition

By Matthew Yglesias

I’m not one to advocate for a truly sparse, monastic kitchen. I think “because it looks cool” or “because I live in a prosperous early 21st century society and can afford one” is a perfectly good reason to pick up a kitchen gadget even if Alton Brown would condemn it as a unitasker or Mark Bittman might deem it insufficiently minimalist. But sometimes, as with the Container Store’s Bacon Stay Fresh box, the marketing around a product is so lame you just have to laugh:

Designed for people who don’t want to transfer opened packages to airtight containers, our Bacon Stay Fresh Container is the answer. Simply drop the opened package of bacon into the container and snap the lid closed. No messy transferring to another container or depending on cling wrap.

A container that will spare me the ardors of “messy transferring to another container.” Really?


3 responses to “Useless Kitchen Products: Bacon Storage Editition

  1. Isn’t that what Ziplock bags are for?

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