Nava Thai?

By Ezra Klein

Nava Thai, on the border of Silver Springs and Wheaton, is getting a lot of love lately. Tyler Cowen calls it one of the “four or five ethnic places which are way better than the rest.” Various food bloggers have talked up the searingly hot floating market soup. Exciting! But…eh. I went on Friday, and we order the aforementioned soup, some papaya salad, and some crispy duck. The duck not only lacked any sort of crispiness, but was cold. The floating market soup was very spicy, but not memorable beyond that. The papaya salad, admittedly, was great. Everything took forever to leave the kitchen, which would be fine, except that everything tasted like it had sat around for awhile before leaving.

Maybe it was an off night.


6 responses to “Nava Thai?

  1. nava thai is pretty amazing…seriously must have been an off night when you were there.

    also, silver springS? come on, this is a local blog!!

  2. It might be my imagination, but I think Nava Thai has been in slow decline since it moved into the bigger and nicer space. It is still very good but it doesn’t seem to consistently wow like it used to. At this point there is almost certainly a better thai place in the area and I’ll stop going to Nava Thai as soon as its discovered.

  3. On a somewhat related note, Hong Kong Palace is still as good as it ever was. It might be the stiff competition from Michael’s Noodle House and Sichuan Pavilion keeping them on their game.

  4. Silver Springs! Like a dagger to the heart. Having grown up there, I hate to see my lovely hometown pluralized.

    That said, I’m with you on the eh. The service is terrible and only some of the food lives up to the reputation. I’d go back for panang or red curry, but only if I can do takeout.

  5. Nava does seem to be losing its edge on the food, I’ve had burnt tasting (although not looking) satay and a few less than perfectly cooked noodle dishes.

    I still like it quite a bit, and the service I have had has always been just fine, but like db says, doesn’t wow like it did.

  6. Yeah, it seems that they expanded the kitchen staff when they moved into the larger space, and it makes for much more inconsistency. It can still be really good, but man, you oughta been there when . . . .

    Next time you’re up that way, check out Ruan Thai, which is also much better than virtually all other area Thai joints. Countless threads on chowhound and donrockwell comparing Ruan and Nava.

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