2010 is the Year of the Strata

By Mandy Simon

Happy New Year, IFA readers! I hope you ushered in 2010 in a responsible, sober way. We didn’t.  Thankfully, there was a New Years Day brunch to help me start the new year not just hungover but full.

I brought my first attempt at a strata and my standby brunch cake, making both the day before knowing I wouldn’t be able (or want) to function the morning after New Years Eve.

I deviated from the strata recipe (which makes me a textbook epicurious user) by using 2% milk instead of whole, a nice habenero cheese I found instead of pepper jack and didn’t bother cutting the crusts off the bread.

It was absolutely delicious; spicy, substantial, cheesy. Basically it was everything you want you’ve had way too much to drink.  I’ll definitely make it again. I think it would be great with gallo pinto and maybe some bloody marys.

Any other good recipes worth trying during the Year of the Strata?


One response to “2010 is the Year of the Strata

  1. Smitten Kitchen ran a great looking spinach and cheese strata recipe that I’m rarin’ to try. Here’s the link:


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