In Virginia, There Ain’t Shit To Do But Cook

By Spencer Ackerman

Malice from Virginia’s Clipse is one of the most interesting rappers out there: a former drug dealer increasingly consumed by ambivalence over the damage his choices have inflicted on others who’s possessed of a desire for righteousness. (Consider, for the first point, “Footsteps” from Till The Casket Drops and “20,000 Money-Making Brothers On The Corner” from We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3 for the second.) For this blog’s purposes, however, there’s a song on the new Clipse record that namechecks Popeyes in the chorus, and so Metal Lungies asked Mal about it:

ML: Where’s the best fried chicken in VA?

Malice: The best fried chicken in VA. I’m gonna have to give it up to Feather & Fin, man. Feather & Fin hands down. You must stop there anytime you’re in VA. Ask somebody about Feather & Fin.

Several IFA members vacation together annually and the trip involves driving through Norfolk. This year I’m stopping in at Feather & Fin.

Also, there’s this:

ML: Do you guys think the ‘Look what them Jews made me’ line in “Freedom” is offensive?

Malice: I don’t know. ‘Look what them Jews made me.’ I don’t know if it’s offensive or not, but we’re black so you should never get offended by anything that we say. I don’t know where that comes from, because especially over history we have been at the butt of everything, so I wouldn’t be offended if I was another race and somebody black said something about me. For real, I just wouldn’t be. I feel like minorities, we all in the same boat together. I think if we can say nigga we can say anything else.

It’s OK Mal! I hereby give you an official Shtetl Pass. And you got it for cheap. I’ll take you for some chopped liver at Sammy’s Roumanian next time we’re both in Manhattan.


One response to “In Virginia, There Ain’t Shit To Do But Cook

  1. No discussion about the best fried chicken in VA is complete without some mention of Bon Chon, or Korean fried chicken generally.

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