The year of dill

Dill: It's not just for saying "dillweed" anymore!

By Ezra Klein

Dinner last night was a wonder. We took this basic recipe for barley risotto with beans and greens. Used water instead of stock. Didn’t skimp on the white wine. Added mushrooms (some hefty, woody suckers we picked up at Super H) at the beginning. Stirred in chopped greens towards the end (we had baby bok choy on hand, so that’s what we used). skipped the beans. Then stirred in fresh, chopped dill at the very end.

This has been a building realization for some time now. It’s not particularly original, but in case you’ve not had occasion to realize it, too: Fresh dill  is awesome.  I’m actually a bit obsessed with it. Super H Market seems to carry it pretty regularly, and every time I try it in, well, anything, it’s like being punched in the face with delicious. My prediction is it’ll be showing up on one of those “food trends” lists within a few years. Get a jump on them and buy some today.


13 responses to “The year of dill

  1. No. No, no, no. NOOOOOOO ! ! !

    Dill, in any and all of its forms, sucks. Just plain sucks. It can instantly transform any dish, no matter how lovingly prepared, into something redolent of overcooked salmon. It is a blight on the herbal landscape, a pariah weed, a parasite, a remora endlessly sucking the life out of everything it latches onto.

    Eff dill.

  2. For me, last year was the year of dill. It is just a fantastic herb, imo. However, be prepared for lots of responses like the one above from C.S. My experience is that outside of cilantro, dill is probably the most polarizing herb out there.

  3. . . . outside of cilantro, dill is probably the most polarizing herb out there.

    Well, maybe, but cilantro has the virtue of being awesome.

  4. Last year sucked. I’m calling last year the Year of Dill.

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  6. For all you dill fiends out there, it should be noted that it is not merely fancy stores like Super H that carry the stuff. They’ve even got it at your humble Giants and Safeways, although if you’re an herb n00b, identifying them can be tricky. The other day an employee had to assist me in distinguishing between the cilantro and the flat-leaf parsley by leaf shape.

  7. The Year of Dill is a terrible idea. Even a day of dill would be awful.

    It has a place and that place is in aqauvit.

    Please keep dill in cocktails and off plates.

  8. PKL, thanks for correcting me. I was adamant in my refusal to accept the notion that there was any value in dill whatsoever, but I was blinded by rage at the thought of a year of the stuff, and was mainly thinking of food anyway. Aquavit is, indeed, an excellent use of dill — probably the only excellent use of dill, and the only reason why scientists should not be working long hours figuring out ways to eradicate it from the planet.

    I shall now drink some as penance.

  9. C.S., I’m happy to help and to encourage the imbibing of better cocktails along the way.

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  11. Cannot understand this bashing of dill. I love dill. It’s used in Polish and Scandinavian cooking as well. Naturally it should not be used indiscriminately, but, it’s wonderful with cucumbers, in borscht, and green bean salad.

    Every year is a year of dill for me.

  12. Scandinavian chiming in here.

    Yes! Dill is the dog’s bollocks. You can’t have gravlax without dill, for instance. You really can’t. And gravlax is what salmon transcends to if it’s lead a virtous salmon life.

    Dill shots are amazing, btw.

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