Chicken Soup with Turmeric

by Sara Mead

Sunday was a nasty day in D.C.–cold, rainy, so foggy that I could barely see the Washington Monument from my balcony. The kind of day that gets down in your bones and makes you want…chicken soup! I also knew that I wanted my chicken soup to have turmeric in it. I’m sort of hesitant to declare my affections for a spice on the blog now that Ezra’s declaration of love for the herb dill (btw, he’s wrong) has provoked such dissent on the blog, but I’m a big fan of turmeric. It’s the kind of spice I frequently forget about, but whenever I remember to use it, I feel like it makes things better. And it certainly made my soup extra heart-warming, giving my house a yummy smell while it cooked, and the soup itself a sunny yellow color. Also makes it taste good. I couldn’t find a compelling recipe online, so cobbled this one together from a variety of different things. This is not a particularly interesting recipe, but I’m posting here in hope that anyone who googles “chicken soup turmeric recipe” in the future finds something of use. I forgot to take a picture before I ate it, and the leftovers that I froze for use later this month (sooo much better than canned soup!) are not particularly photogenic in their frozen state. But it was pretty! Here’s what I did:

  • Heated 2 tsp olive oil in a large stockpot, added two bone-in chicken breasts (boneless chicken thighs, or a mix, would also be nice–boneless chicken thighs would be easier) and browned on both sides (~2 min each).
  • Removed chicken from pot and added one more tsp olive oil, one onion, chopped in ~1/2 inch pieces, and several cloves garlic, minced, cooked until transparent-ish,
  • Added 1-2 cups carrots, chopped same size, 1/2 tsp ground sage, 1/2 tsp dried thyme, 1/4 tsp turmeric, lots of fresh ground black pepper, and one bay leaf. Cooked about 1 min more.
  • Added 2 cups chicken stock, 2-3 cups water, and returned chicken to pot. Covered and cooked on low 30 min. Uncovered and removed chicken.
  • Tossed in about 2 servings worth of egg noodles and let cook while removing chicken from bones and cutting into bite-size pieces. Returned chicken to pot and stirred a bit.
  • Ate a bowl and froze the rest, which I’ll be happy to have once the weather gets nasty again.

The point is–this is a good time of year to make chicken soup, and next time you do, consider adding turmeric.


4 responses to “Chicken Soup with Turmeric

  1. One “trick” for making large batches of chicken soup is to use a turkey carcass instead of chicken – far more flavor.

  2. they have fresh turmeric root at WF P street right now. Try it out!

  3. sound delicious love to try it

  4. let cook while removing chicken from bones

    Signs of your guilty conscience! Of course there is no reason to use pre-boned chicken parts.

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