“Now, All Restaurants are Taco Bell”

By Matthew Yglesias

Did you ever wonder why Taco Bell is called “Taco Bell?” Turns out the reason is that the chain was founded by a guy named “Glen Bell” who died over the weekend. I’m personally not a Taco Bell fan, but every time I think of the movie I think of Demolition Man:

Hilariously, Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming an influential politician was considered an outlandish joke on a par with salt prohibition and the idea that Taco Bell would be the only restaurant.


3 responses to ““Now, All Restaurants are Taco Bell”

  1. I love that movie. Similar also to Stallone playing the terminator in “last action hero” I never knew that about Mr. Bell, I can’t say I’m a fan of the place.

  2. Hah, I totally forgot about that. I need to go watch that movie again some time. :-p

  3. Wasn’t this about the time they were all plugging Planet Hollywood with Bruce Willis?

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