Thank you, All Recipes

by Amanda Mattos

I just noticed a cool feature on All Recipes that lets you scale the yield on recipes up or down. I appreciate a quick way to avoid a little math, so this is quite handy. Especially when you’re snowed in as we all are (oh my god it is so terrible) and want to make, say, two pancakes.


5 responses to “Thank you, All Recipes

  1. I like the idea that there is a difference between US and Metric servings.

  2. Maybe this is the kind of thing you would only do if you have kids, but whenever I make pancakes I make more than we’ll eat and freeze them. I make a stack with wax paper in between the pancakes and put the whole thing in a quart sized freezer bag. They taste pretty good after twenty seconds in the microwave or a couple minutes in a toaster oven.

  3. Pancake batter keeps in the fridge for (at least) several days, too. It’s never quite as good as it was initially, but it’s still plenty delicious.

  4. Appreciate a quick way to avoid math?!?!?! Oh, the humanity!! But I agree, a cool feature. Someone else has it as well … name escapes me … when I can’t remember…it irritates me … could be I can’t remember … could be I choose to not … let’s move the song along, and try to find the plot …

  5. Anything that is put in the fridge will not taste the same as the original.. Of course. That’s why eat it while it’s fresh is the best way to eat it.

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