Decisions, decisions

By Ezra Klein

Does anyone have a clear idea of how you’d eat this?


10 responses to “Decisions, decisions

  1. Looks like the dry-ice-frozen chocolate mousse freezes the hot chocolate, the coconut milk and the whipped menthol. So maybe they don’t stick to the tablecloth and you can just pick them up with a spoon or fork.

    The ingredients I got were the hot chocolate (in the glass), the coconut milk frozen in the shape of a piece of coconut, the chocolate/menthol crumb, the liquid coconut milk, the whipped menthol, the frozen chocolate mousse, the crystallized menthol and the hyssop sprigs. What was the other ingredient, the one that looked like popcorn?

  2. The tablecloth is a big sil-pat; you eat with the spoon sitting in front of you. There’s an explanatory video in one of Achatz’ posts at the Atlantic’s food site. Something about blowing your mind because the whole table is a plate and it’s not just white porcelain anymore. The couple examples I’ve seen look like it’s impossible to fill the space in any way that doesn’t look way too empty.

  3. That is one of the most pretentious things I’ve seen in my life. Frank Sobotka seems to be enjoying it, though.

  4. With a spoon and your mouth, you snarky, cynical, and still clueless ass.

  5. These people are dumb for paying for this, and I am even more dumb for having watched this.

  6. This makes me glad once again that I lead such a simple life.

  7. I had this last weekend, totally delicious, even though I’m not wild about the taste of Menthol. So the hot chocolate obviously hardens into warm pudding, and the brick of frozen chocolate mousse goes from crunchy frozen to slightly soft. You combine the rest of the ingredients just like you do other Alinea dishes, in various free-form mixtures depending on what you happen to spoon together. So each bite might have mousse, coconut cream, and chocolate menthol dust. But yeah you eat it off the table-top.

    I liked the venison better, which used a half of a giant burch log, smoldering and extremely aromatic, as a plate. And the thai spring rolls, whose wrappers, rice paper filled with pressed flowers, were flag-like centerpieces for the beginning part of the meal. Once they came out, you filled them with your own proportion of toppings and the waiters spooned coconut cream pork belly in. I could have eaten thirty of them, no problem.

  8. i guess you should also count the perfumes of the washing powder and fabric softener of the tablecloth … like it … NOT!

  9. “i guess you should also count the perfumes of the washing powder and fabric softener of the tablecloth”

    It’s not a tablecloth. Yes, that would be disgusting if true.

    Check out this video to see what it is –

  10. oh, i see – me silly-con :-) …comment withdrawn!

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