The Coupon Lady

By Kay Steiger

I found this lady today on the Internet. I have to say, I have no patience for coupons. It always seems like a huge waste of time. Also I don’t get Sunday newspapers (or newspapers of any kind) anymore.


9 responses to “The Coupon Lady

  1. Ah, but you and I are young people with no dependents and lots of disposable income! This lady’s is not as able to value her time as highly and spends some of it seeking bargains. Which is fine by the guys selling the products, who know this perfectly well and would like to be able to capture a variety of customers with different demand functions, rather than simply picking the average price point for the population of buyers and leaving on the table both the customers who won’t pay a price quite that high and those who would’ve paid a higher price.

    It’s all pretty insidious. Don’t even get me started on supermarket “loyalty” cards.

  2. Julie Whitmore

    Oy, did you get a look at her coupon “file”?
    I would be more sympathetic toward such folks if there was a designated aisle for them at the store.
    Invariably, I’m always stuck behind this lady when I shop at Giant.

  3. I would like to be better at this. Unfortunately, I’m in the habit of deciding what I want to make, and then going to the grocery store to get the bits… ideally, I’d see what’s on sale and determine what I’ll make based on that. As it is, more often than I’d like to admit… I’d save money going to a restaurant instead of cooking.

  4. I haven’t had the patience for them either. Occasionally I’ll see a coupon for a dollar off something I use all the time and I’ll think hey… free buck. And then it sits on my fridge waiting to expire like the lobster carcass in my freezer that was supposed to become a beautiful stock some day.

    I’d love to see an itemized break down of what that lady bought, but free groceries are pretty compelling. I’d also like to see what she puts down on the table every night. Eating cheap in America is usually……

  5. If you don’t mind what you’re eating this is pretty good strategy. I grew up pretty poor and I know what it’s like to have hotdogs and instant mashed potatoes for dinner because that’s what was on sale. The stuff I usually like to eat, things like organic and natural products, rarely go on sale. I guess I would rather spend $100 and eat the healthier/better foods that I want.

  6. $116 worth of groceries for $6 and change is definitely NOT a “huge waste of time”, at least not in my book. (Plus, I’m one of those weirdos who actually ENJOYS grocery shopping.) Considering I am unemployed and the economy is bad anyway, I am going to start using some of her tactics!

  7. I usually don’t have the patience for printable coupons…but I use online coupons with every purchase I make. What does it take to copy and paste a code at checkout? :)

  8. A number of retailers are additional than willing to honor the coupons for a competitor so that you may buy the item from them as an alternative to the other store. The best option to method this problem would be to take the coupon into the store with you. Ask to speak to a manager and explain that you definitely need to make the buy from them but that the other store delivers a considerably far better value. In most circumstances they will no less than match the price of the competition. Other retailers will even beat the cost to encourage you to remain a loyal consumer of theirs.

  9. wanda deese

    is there a coupon meeting with missy in auburndale fl tonight may 4 2011

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