Thank You, David Cho, From The Bottom Of My Heart

By Spencer Ackerman

I am no longer compelled to eat and review a KFC Double Down. Sam Sifton provides forthcoming insurance, it would appear.


6 responses to “Thank You, David Cho, From The Bottom Of My Heart

  1. You’ve got to update your food related RSS feed to include NYT’s Diner’s Journal… they seem to have collected everything there, including Sifton’s review:

    Not his best work, but appropriately somber and serious, to mark this special day.

  2. MythReindeer

    The man had just eaten a Double Down. I don’t think that we can expect even the esteemed Sifton to be in top form after a trial of that nature.

  3. It’s amazing how easy it is for companies to get people on the internet to advertise their products for free these days.

    This thing was so obviously designed and unveiled in a way that guaranteed it would be all over every food blog and facebook news feed.

  4. Wonder what the combo meal comes with? Surely a bottle of Lipitor.

  5. Is it true they are called KFC because they’re no longer allowed to use chicken in the title due to there being no chicken?

  6. Personal coffee maker: No.

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