Do Not Want: Star and Shamrock

By Matthew Yglesias

I’m no longer in the state of Ackerman-esque outraged shock about the meal we had last night at Star & Shamrock, a new Irish/Jewish fusion tavern/deli concept in Washington DC. I’ll just say this. If you live the neighborhood and are looking for a place to grab a drink and watch the game while being serenaded by a profoundly sucky musician, this spot may be great. But if you’re intrigued by their innovative take on Jewish deli food, then stay away. Far away.

Beyond that, let me just note that people really ought to warn you if their cole slaw (or anything else) comes unexpectedly doused in dill. People: Dill is gross.


7 responses to “Do Not Want: Star and Shamrock

  1. Look, Matt, if you’re going to cut and paste from your real blog, the least you could do is only hit paste once. The second least thing you could do is stick around long enough to check and see that the formatting transfers over.

  2. @Southpaw: Seconded.

  3. Thirded. Dude, hurry back and fix this!! I want to read what you actually have to say.

  4. What’s the saying about personal computers, hand guns, and tequila?

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  7. People: Dill is gross

    This really cannot be said enough. Please remind Ezra.

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