Cause I can do it, in the mix

by Amanda Mattos

What are the best ways to christen a brand new stand mixer? Sadly, this question doesn’t pertain to me, but to two different friends of mine who recently came into great kitchen fortune in the form of KitchenAids. Both are great cooks who can handle a challenge. What do you recommend they do to take these puppies for a spin? For years I’ve been flipping to the next cook book page or scrolling to the next blog post whenever I see a stand mixer as a recipe requirement, so nothing specific is coming to mind. I yelled BREADPASTAMARSHMALLOWSPRETZELSPASTA!, but that’s not terribly helpful. So, internets, whaddaya got?


13 responses to “Cause I can do it, in the mix

  1. I’ve probably got bread on the brain because I just took a class on French bread this weekend… but it seems turning the 8-12 minutes of kneading of a very wet dough over to a machine has got to be pretty satisfying.

  2. Bagels

  3. One big bowl of whipped cream.

    A bit of Jameson in there for good measure.

  4. check out cooks illustrated’s pizza bianca recipe (I’ve seen it re-posted elsewhere beyond its pay wall). basic stuff, but absolutely great texture. Make sure to use good olive oil.

  5. Farce. Mmmm…homemade farce.

  6. Obviously you need to make me a cake. Or pavlova!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Do a straight-up creamed cake. The set-it-and-forget-it nature of butter/sugar creaming in a KitchenAid is pure bliss, especially if you’re used to making cakes with a hand mixer.

  8. Brioche. It requires 30 minutes in a serious mixer.

  9. Second Brioche suggestion – extremely tedious to make without mixer, especially if one’s going for the serious (high fat content) stuff. In a similar vein, high water content bread doughs – made right they will get you as close to a Parisian baguette as at least I’ve managed reach. is your go to resource. Also, Peter Reinhart’s recipe for Pain a l’Ancienne (if you can find it online) is pretty awesome.

  10. KitchenAid? There is but one answer — toss the bowls and whisks ans make sausage, y’all. Sausage. You heard me.

  11. You don’t need a stand mixer to make sausage. Just use your hands. It might make it a bit more convenient, but I’m not even sure of that. I think the work of cleaning the mixer would outweigh the easier mixing. Maybe if you had a huge stand-mixer and were making a huge batch of sausage.

  12. i got nothin for you :)

  13. I gotta be honest . . . when I got my first KitchenAid a couple of years ago, I jsut made Toll House cookies. It really doesn’t matter what you make, I was so excited to have the mixer that I could have stirred cereal with it and been ecstatic. The joy is in the ownership.

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