KFC’s weak sauce


Credit: So Good Blog

By Ezra Klein

The Boston Globe’s editorial page gets punchy:

If the American public is serious about rejecting all sensible dietary guidelines, KFC completely fails to deliver. The Double Down poses as the atomic bomb of artery-clogging, but it’s really just a grenade. Many people would have to wait years for a heart attack, even if they ate one every day.

Americans have long mastered double-, triple-, and quadruple-decker sandwiches. And yet this ostensibly innovative new sandwich features just one story — a design that is outdated and ill-suited to sate the average American gullet. And it contains merely two types of meat. Would it have killed KFC to add ground beef? Some pork? And, to wash the whole thing down a bit, a bucket of nacho cheese for dipping? If there’s one thing Americans are qualified to do, it’s judge fast-food sandwiches, and they are likely to punish KFC for not going nearly far enough. The Double Down is just a 540-calorie disappointment.

I think about the double-down slightly differently: At 540 calories, if this sandwich had been released in 2003, it would’ve been marketed as a healthful, Atkins-friendly alternative to the dreaded bun menace.


5 responses to “KFC’s weak sauce

  1. This is a very odd food contraption – yet it probably tastes pretty darn good! Have not tried one and haven’t been to KFC in ages.

  2. The Serious Eats blog nailed it: it is a fast food chicken cordon bleu.

  3. These things are actually pretty good, but it’s true that they’re not too filling. I had 2 for an afternoon snack back in Gatlinburg, and still had room for dinner and second dinner.

    I admit my current caloric needs don’t apply to everyone, however.

  4. It actually does look pretty good. Yeah, I suppose without the bun you could say it might be more appealing to the carb counters. But it still looks like a heart attack on a plate/

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