CSA: Week of June 7

Thanks to everyone who offered me suggestions for what to do with my CSA vegetables 2 weeks ago. I was on vacation at the beach last week, and so didn’t get last week’s CSA delivery. Here’s what I’m supposed to get this Wednesday. Besides making lots of salad (and I need salad after all the delicious grilled meat, beer, candy, and very few vegetables I ate at the beach last week), what should I do with this stuff?

  • 1 bunch scallions –  Railroad and Rolling Ridge Organics
  • 1 bunch garlic scapes – Friends Road Organics
  • 1 head broccoli – Farmdale Organics
  • 1 bunch red kale – Windy Hollow Organics
  • 1 head red leaf lettuce – Misty Meadow Organics
  • 1 head green butterhead lettuce – Goshen View Organics
  • 1 bunch dandelion greens – Hillside Organics
  • 1 bunch or 1 bag turnips – Maple Lawn Organics
  • 1 bag snow peas – White Swan Acres

11 responses to “CSA: Week of June 7

  1. I made a turkey meatloaf a week and a half ago with CSA dandelion greens (and mushrooms) in it. Garlic scrapes would also work well in something like that.

    Should probably hang onto the peas for the millions of salads you’ll have to make with all of that lettuce. Your list is sorely lacking radishes.

  2. I put the arugula and scapes from my NJ farm share into a pesto (with walnuts and pecorino). Something similar might work with your dandelion greens, depending on how much you have. Such a pesto, tossed with pasta and your broccoli, sounds like it might make a tasty dinner.

    Also, I’ve been blanching, shocking, and freezing my kale. I’ve got too many greens to eat this week, so I’ll enjoy those in the winter.

  3. Also, dandelion greens taste a lot like broccoli raab to me (at a 5th the price!) … good sauteed with onions/garlic and tossed with pasta if you’re looking for something other than you’re usual greens.

  4. you could try this recipe for lettuce on pasta

    and consider curried vegetable chowder for another time with different veggies:

    both recipes came from needing to find a way to use up veggie deliveries!

  5. If you haven’t made kale chips yet (see e.g. http://smittenkitchen.com/2010/03/baked-kale-chips/) seriously, don’t miss them.

  6. Jen beat me, but I second the kale chips suggestion! If you’re overloaded with greens, making some into chips is a great way to keep from getting tired of them.

  7. If you get tired of eating a lot of salad I would definitely use the lettuce to make wraps, korean bbq style. And you can saute/grill the scallions, broccolli, and turnips as part of the toppings for the meat…

    Also I THIRD the kale chips. YUM YUM!

  8. Garlic scapes are delicious, and hard to come by except at the farmer’s market. You can make pesto with them (just add cheese, nuts and oil – no garlic needed) or chop them up and add to salads, soups, stir-fries or almost anything.

  9. Ok, point taken on kale chips!

    My share this week ended up not including kale, after all, but I’m sure that I’ll be getting plenty of kale later this year to provide abundant kale-chip-making opportunities :)

    Used a bunch of the lettuce and scallions in a yummy salad tonight. Planning to make lettuce wraps (with spicy chickpeas as filling?) and dandelion greens using a recipe from the CSA later this week.

  10. You can use the thinly sliced turnips, diced scallions (white and green pieces), and garlic scapes lightly sweated in an asian soup broth (I have an anchovy/bonito broth mix I bought at the Japanese grocery on U street). Once you have the broth, you can make something different everyday with it adding the different vegetables from your CSA for different days and different fishes to poach (I like salmon, flounder and shrimp the best). Also, use the same strategy with the lightly sweated scallions, scapes and turnips along with other veggie pieces sauteed as a base for an omelet. Remember: don’t be shy with salt and pepper when cooking vegetarian!

  11. Thanks alot – your awensr solved all my problems after several days struggling

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