CSA: Week of June 14

Here’s this week’s CSA shopping list. I’m super-psyched that it includes a pound of rhubarb, which, as we’ve discussed here previously, I know how to use. Along with the beets. None of the rest of this stuff is particularly novel, but I’d welcome any thoughts people have on what to do with it. Also any suggestions for how best to store lettuce-y type stuff so it lasts a few days. I live alone and can’t possibly eat all the greens within one or two days of pick up, but even though I put them in a special Tupperware that’s supposed to keep lettuce and other veggies fresh longer, I had to throw away half of my lettuce last week because it got really brown before I had time to eat it. Which sort of defeats the purpose. Any ideas here?

1 head broccoli – Farmdale Organics

1 bunch red beets – Farmdale Organics

1 box new red potatoes – Green Valley Organics – 1 quart

1 bunch rhubarb – Elm Tree Organics – 1 lb

1 head endive – Meadow Valley

1 bag green oak leaf lettuce – Back 40 Ranch

1 pkg microgreens – Eastbrook Produce

Btw, the snow peas I got last week were a transcendent experience–it was like eating spring, if spring is sweet, and crunchy, and tastes the way the smell of fresh cut grass makes you feel if you don’t have horrible allergies.


6 responses to “CSA: Week of June 14

  1. MythReindeer

    As for keeping leafy greens and herbs such as cilantro, wet some paper towels* and wring them out pretty well, so that they are just damp. Wrap up the greens in the towels and put them in an airtight container (zip-top bags or Tupperware). I have kept them for at least a week in this manner.

    *I dislike using paper towels in general because of the waste factor, so maybe a very thin tea towel would work?

  2. I too have done the wrapping with a damp towel thing back when we got veggie deliveries. And while you’re doing that stuff anyhow, we found it quite helpful to do the basic prep (break up, wash, spin dry).

  3. OK! I saw endive and I thought of this seared endive salad w/ goat cheese that I made the other day. IF you have easy access to a grill, GRILL the thing. If not, just pan-sear it. You will love, trust me.
    Seared Endive Salad with Goat Cheese

  4. Don’t waste the beet greens! Sautee with garlic, chili pepper and squeeze lemon juice on top for a really delicious side dish!

  5. My CSA taught me a lot of cool things over the last year. One of the very good things they do is provide a few perforated gallon size ziplocks. (They also have great recipes, organized by season and ingredient.)

    My leafy greens (chard and lettuces) typically last 10+ days in perforated bags.

  6. You can store greens at room temperature (or in the fridge) if you keep the cut base in water, like you would with flowers. Re-cut it if it’s dried out. Lettuces and such grow outside; they don’t really need to be kept all that cold to stay fresh, as long as they have fresh water they will stay good for a long time.

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