What should I do with all this salsa?

I made a massive amount of salsa verde this weekend, and then made enchiladas. And I’ve made some beans, and some chilaquiles with it since. But I still have an enormous amount of salsa left. It’s really delicious, so while I could just go home after work every day this week and sit down with a bag of tortilla chips, I’d like to do something else with it. Outside of making enchiladas again (which I just might do, cause, come on, enchiladas are delicious), got any suggestions?

(Oh, and if you too would like to make some delicious salsa, throw the following in your food processor: about 20 tomatillos, 4 or 5 green onions, a bunch of cilantro, a clove of garlic, about 3 chili peppers — 2 seeded, one not, or however much spicy you like, a little lime juice and some salt.)


12 responses to “What should I do with all this salsa?

  1. Top things with it:
    avocado grilled cheese sandwiches

    Or cook things in it — I bet it would make some deliciously flavored rice.

  2. How about huevos rancheros? And nothing wrong with enchiladas again. You can freeze it for when you have friends over and are in a pinch. The flavor should hold well overall, but the heat may go down a notch.

    I recently started roasting the tomatillos under a very hot broiler (thank you Rick Bayless) and the garlic over medium heat. It adds about 10 minutes time, but no effort and the salsa tastes amazing.

  3. I’ll second huevos rancheros.

    I like tomatillos w/ shrimp and white beans – I bet salsa verde would work too.

    Throw some in a posole of sorts?

    Serve w/ carne asada?

    Make a spicy salad dressing w/ it?

  4. Freeze it. :)

    Then you can have enchiladas again next week.

  5. Broil some talapia or other white fish and eat with the salsa on top.

  6. It works really, really well as a marinade and then medium for slow-roasting pork – either a tenderloin or butt.

  7. I’m with Donna, with one addition: freeze it in ice cube trays, then put the cubes in a zip lock back. That way you have a single serving that can be easily defrosted.

    I do this with my chile verde.

  8. SambaOO,

    GMTA…that’s how I freeze it, though I’ve gotten might fond of freezing stuff in regular-sized muffin tins. It’s 1/4 cup per disk and some stuff just lends itself really well to that amount.

  9. Donna,

    That is an awesome idea!

  10. Great bedding for poached eggs.

    Also, if you have a crock-pot you can just throw a few chicken breasts or pieces of fish in there and cook with the salsa — so delicious!

  11. I like to put salsa in with the rice in my rice cooker.

    Add some diced, pre-cooked chicken breast in too and 40 minutes (I like brown rice) later it’s a meal.

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