CSA: Week of 7/12

3 green zucchini – Bellview Organics and Autumn Blend Organics

3 green cucumbers – Elm Tree Organics

1 bag red tomatoes – Green Valley Organics (2lbs)

1 bunch beets – Soaring Eagle Acres

1 bunch carrots – Windy Hollow Organics

1 bunch copra onions – Friends Road Organics

Here’s my CSA haul this week–apologies for not posting last week. The haul was pretty identical to the above, except that I got a head of cabbage instead of the carrots, and two of the cucumbers were lemon cucumbers. I made a tofu and lemon cucumber salad with them, which I did not love, and used half the cabbage to make cole slaw for a potluck and fried the other half with onions and bacon–delicous!

I’m pretty set with what I’m going to do with all my veggies this week, except the carrots. I really want to make something similar to the carrots served at AS 220 in Providence, but it’s been a while since I had them, so I’m not quite sure how to do that.

Btw, the zucchini I got this week is amazing. I love zucchini, but this has a richer, sweeter taste than I’m used to in zucchini. I actually felt bad for sauteeing it with onions and garlic.


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