What Should I Do With These Adorable Little Plums?

This weeks CSA haul included a bag of these adorable little green plums. I’m slightly at a loss as to what to do with them. I tasted one last night, and they seem fine to eat plain, but with this volume of plums I feel like I should do something with them–any suggestions?

Also in this week’s CSA haul: 1 bundle of Swiss chard, 1 box heirloom cherry tomatoes (so yummy!), 1 red tomato, 1 green pepper, 1 onion, 1 bag Yukon Gold potatoes. I feel like a pepper/onion/potato hash is clearly in my future this weekend.

by Sara Mead


7 responses to “What Should I Do With These Adorable Little Plums?

  1. Plum preserves are one of the best things I did in last year’s canning season. I did them with red plums, but a green plum preserve sounds like it would me amazing with a good cheese. I had two recipes in my Ball Book, so I’d say to look there for ideas.

  2. Pickle ’em! Use either a standard fruit-pickling vinegar-sugar brine, or Umeboshi-style.

  3. clafouti. From a recipe that used a bit of almond flour in the mix.

  4. plum tart – halve them and put in tart shell with cut side up, it’s like apricot tart but, well, plummier!

  5. In Europe, we’d say Schnapps!

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